Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is an environmentally-friendly solution to the removal of surface contaminants which may be present in a wide range of industrial applications. It provides a fast but gentler alternative to the harsher, more abrasive surface cleaning methods.

The system works by jetting particles of dry-ice through a pressurised air-stream directly onto the surface. The pressure of the particles on the surface loosens the surface contaminants but then almost immediately vaporises on impact leaving no residual or waste to dispose of.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is ideally suited for food industry environments as it offers an effective and sterile cleaning process. It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive process. In many instances, it can also be performed with the equipment in situ thus removing the need to dismantle the equipment saving time and cost.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning:

  • Quality clean of carbonised or baked on residues
  • Reduces downtime – quickly cleans most equipment, including oven chains, in situ
  • Total elimination of chemical or mechanical cleaning
  • Elimination of electrical problems associated with water or steam cleaning
  • No residue other than the contamination removed from the equipment being cleaned
  • Does not damage cleaned surface as could occur with wire brushes, grit or other abrasive media
  • Extremely cost effective

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