Developed especially for bakeries operating more than one tunnel oven, the FLT Mobile Auto-lubricator is a low cost modular system that provides accurate and adjustable application of Fuchs Lubritech-manufactured oven chain lubricants. The system operates using a clean and dry air supply of approximately 5.5 Bar. Using quick release couplings, a single pump unit may be used to lubricate any number of tunnel ovens fitted with the appropriate application nozzles and control unit.

The system, which can be simply installed in a few hours, can handle Fuchs Lubritech lubricants of varying viscosities ranging from very thin fluids through to 00 greases. Lubricant shot size can be adjusted to suit application requirements and can vary between 0.0ml and 0.30ml. CBOC stand alone lubricator has the following advantages:


  • Reduced lubricant usage
  • Low operating costs
  • Extends bearing and chain life
  • Lower power consumption
  • Keeps chain and surrounding area clean and free from contamination
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with more conventional lubrication methods
  • Pneumatically operated with option for electrical control via PLC
  • Adjustable lubricant shot size to suit most chain types
  • Four pump version available for very large chains
  • Proven in continuous use since 1999

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